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Your invoices will be prepared according to the information provided in this form.

 Your name (or your business name if you if you provide one) will be used to obtain the status of your project or repeat an older project. We gather all your files, designs, graphics, ... and project details in one folder. This folder will be used for future re-prints of your request. This folder will not contain any payment information.  That is why It is imperative to remember under what name you created your account.

*  Your invoices will be prepared according to the information on this form.

*  Please make sure you give us correct contact information so that we can contact you in case of any questions or issues. We avoid disturbing your day by making phone calls therefore your e-mail address will be used to inform you of the completion of the project. 

*  Please provide an accurate phone a number that you can be reached at all times. (preferably a mobile number)There has been many times that we are ready to start a project and suddenly there is a note that says: "contact the client before starting production", or client has provided the garments but there is a discrepancy in the order, (I.e.: tear in the fabric, color mismatch, quantity shortage, .... etc. therefore to expedite your project, make sure the information (E-mail and Phone number) is correct.

 We are a family owned company therefore your contact information WILL NOT be shared with anyone outside of Candroy.