How to choose your garments:
There are just too many brands, styles, sizes, colors, fabrics, .... in the market which makes it impossible for us to carry everything in stock therefore garments are purchased per client request.

There are a few major garment suppliers who provide garments to almost every screen print / embroidery shop throughout the country.
Here are 2 catalogs (2 suppliers) for you to explore and find the right garments for your project. Of course you are always welcomed to contact us if you need any assistance. 

  We are not a clothing store that means we do not have nor keep any garments in stock.
*   Each and every garment is purchased per client request therefore "GARMENTS CANNOT BE RETURNED". 
  While choosing the garments, you will find a link in every catalog page that says " View Specs.", it give you the descriptions of the garment.
  Every page of every catalog has a link to the garment's size and measurements  to help you choose the right garment.
  Not all color and sizes are available at all times so try to have second options of colors and/or styles in mind.
  Shirts sizes S to XL are all the same price, any size large than XL is more per each additional X (I.e.: 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, ....)
  Suppliers charge us shipping fees on small quantity orders.

Please read the information below if you are planning to provide your own garments. 
* 2 Business days: Additional 25% of order cost with a $25.00 minimum.

* 1 Business day: Additional 50% of order cost with a $35.00 minimum.

* Same day: Additional 75% of order cost with a $50.00 minimum.

* Embroidery Rush: When a sample stitch out is requested, rush timing start after you / your client approval.

* Example of Two Business day rush: Garments received Mon. 2PM will be ready Wed. after 2PM and not Wed. morning
* Although we do our best to complete your project in perfect condition yet we are working with machineries, needles, threads ... therefore there is always a possibility for something to go wrong. When providing your own garments, EITHER provide extra garments OR beware of 3% to 4% average spoilage margin.
* We do not check each and every CFM garment.
* Example: A 1000 pcs order with the image on the front and your supplier sends us a shirt with hole in the back. If you decide to provide another shirt to replace that garment then it will be considered as a sample embroidery (higher cost) and not part of 1000 pcs order.
* Of course if the garment was provided by Candroy then replacement will be free of charge.

Set up
* At least one garment has to be used as a set up to confirm the location of the image and outcome of the embroidery on the fabric.
* In scenario that out of100 T-shirts, 100 Tank Tops, …) there will be a possibility of one of each style of garment will be a bit different than the rest.
* We do not guarantee Leather garments or Leather bags.

* Candroy does not accept garments that have sentimental values to our clients and/or are irreplaceable.
CFM garments:
* Candroy does not accept C.O.D.’s from your merchandise sources.
* Candroy cannot be held responsible for late shipments from your supplier, late approvals from your customers, power outages or acts of God .....
* In some brands, sometimes styles / colors are impossible to differentiate. We will assume that your supplier has provided the correct style and color. We might be able to stop the project if your PO says White shirts and we receive Black shirts, but different shades of Blue is a good example of being difficult to differentiate.

We count 3 times upon receiving your garments:
* Count 1: We will match the received garments with the P.O. and will notify you of any shortages and /or errors.
* Count 2: Your garments will be counted again before and after entering production area.
* Count 3: Your garments will be counted again while being placed back into the boxes.

*** Therefore our count is the final call. ***
* Your P.O. says Blue shirts but your mock up shows Gray shirts, or your P.O. says left chest but the mock up shows right chest. We will use the P.O. for production specification and not mock.
* Although we've cut this mistake quite often and informed the clients of the errors yet cannot take responsibility of our employees do not notice them.
Pick up:
Candroy can not be responsible for orders left over 30 days at our shop.
We will reuse the packages that your garments arrived in. There's a possibility that we don't have a small packaging / plastic bag for your small quantity garments arriving in plastic bags which tear up during opening.

Shipping: (Let us know in advance to avoid additional charges)

OPTION 1 : We ship and you Pay the shipping cost.
We repackage and ship your order to your requested address.

OPTION 2 : We ship but you provide the shipping labels.

* We charge a small fee to:
- Measure and weight each box.
- Shipping tape wrap each box individually and placing cardboard at each end so garments won’t get damaged upon re-opening the boxes.
- Covering holes / cuts of each box that was done during delivery to us. (Swapping boxes IF possible)
- Reporting back to you the weight and measurement to obtain shipping labels from you.
- Please note: When providing your own shipping labels, you are responsible for setting up a pick up from your courier of choice since UPS/FedEx may not stop by at Candroy on a daily basis.

* When we ship your order we will reuse the boxes that your order arrived in. We will remove all incoming shipping labels and packing list and ship your order “blind” as if you are the shipper. (if available) We may substitute a better used box if your box is in bad shape but we do not provide new boxes. We will gladly ship your order in new boxes if you provide them.

* There will be an additional charge if you request a last minute change of such as shipping or delivery. Charges will be based on time of the day as well as day of the week. (I.e.: It is 5 o'clock Friday , we inform the client that project is ready for pick up and now client wants us to repack and ship. That means asking for employee to stay overtime)

* Candroy can not be held responsible for late arriving shipments made on your behalf nor can we be responsible for lost, damaged or pilfered shipments. We also can not be held responsible if the shipping driver fails to scan all your packages at the time they pick up your order from us.

* For a small fee we offer delivery of your projects to your clients under your name yet limited distance.

Last minute Shipping / Delivery:
* There will be additional charges if your client decides to have the project to be shipped or delivered at the end of the day. We may not be able to fulfill your request.

* Candroy does not accept C.O.D.’s from your clients.
* Thread colors: Additional $0.25 per piece for each color over 8 colors in the design.
* Frequent color changes: Additional $1.00 charge per piece i.e.: 12 shirts with 12 different color-ways (no charges if 12 shirt per color)
* Metallic thread: Additional $1.00 per piece.
* Special thread colors: Not stocked threads / special color threads are $80.00 for each color (non-metallic).
* $20 minimum per piece.
* $1 per 1,000 stitches 12 to 23 pieces, $.75 per 1,000 over 24 pieces.
* $1.50 per 1,000 stitches per piece for 11 pieces or less.
* $50.00 minimum or more on orders that require special attention or are difficult to embroider (i.e. golf and other bulky bags) or contain unique handling services.
* $15 for the first line, Add $2.50 for each additional line + Set-Up
* $15 for the first line for names with medical titles, Add $1.50 for each additional line + Set-Up
* $10 Initials or numbers up to three + Set-Up
* $15 per line for 2-Color Block personalization + Set-Up
* $15 each for 3 letter monograms with end designs. Customary layout for initials < First, Last, Middle > + Set-Up
Digitizing & Keyboard Set ups:
* Digitizing: $6.00 per 1000 stitches with standard 3 day turnaround on most designs. Add $5.00 per 1,000 stitches for all RUSH digitizing orders. 1 (24 hrs) business day.
* Sample Sew out/Stitch out: Free upon approving the project and agreement of cost of digitizing.
* Additional swatches: $10 each, I.e. After the first sew out your client decides to make a change in thread color or make change in the image. ($20.00 for each sew-out for designs over 20,000 stitches)
* Keyboard set-ups standard fonts: $15.00 to $25.00 depending on the complexity and or size of the text.

Supplied Digitized Files (Your digitized file):
* We only accept *.DST fiels.
* Mandatory Sample Sew out/Stitch out: $15.00 minimum fee for supplied digitized logo sew outs up to 10,000 stitches. An additional $1.00 per thousand stitches after.

Sew out / Stitch out Approval:
* Candroy will provide a photo of the sample stitch out but experience has shows that colors never appear exactly as the actual thread color seen in person.