Please communicate with us via e-mails rather than phone calls since the only way to answer your questions of what is possible and what is not is by looking at your design to understand what you are looking for. 

File Preparation:

Creating a file that can be used in the rhinestone machine is very different than any other graphic designs files. Although there are programs and softwares that can outline an image yet telling the machine where to insert each stones is done by a person and not automated. After the file is transferred into an outline shape, a rhinestone specialist spends hours to place each stone on the lines to make sure stones are not placed on top of one another. The file is then transferred into rhinestone machine which then is transferred onto the garment.
We know that this is not a perfect representation of Rhinestone colors and we're still working on it to see what is the best way to show the actual stone colors to the on-line clients.

To find out about the cost of your project we would need to know quantity of garments, colors and type of fabric, size of the image, size of the stones, type of stones, colors of rhinestones, .... and few other questions must be answered. Basically:
A. How long it takes for the file to be prepared.
B. How many and what type / size stones are going to be used to complete the project.

Perfect example:
 These images show what our client requested and
what the set up looked like. 

Later on client decided to change the yellow to darker yellow /gold stones.