Special discounted EMBROIDERY pricing page

Garment Quantity

k=1000 Stitches     1
Up to 8 k$10$8----------
8 kto 12 k$11$9----------
12 k to 16 k$12$16----------
4 k to 5 k--$5.00$4.50$3.25$3.15$2.75$2.60$2.45$2.10$1.95$1.64
5 k to 6 k--$5.25$4.75$3.50$3.25$2.85$2.75$2.60$2.45$2.20$2.10
6 k to 7 k--$5.50$5.00$3.75$3.50$3.00$2.85$275$2.60$2.35$2.20
7 k to 8 k--$5.75$5.25$4.00$3.75$3.25$3.00$2.85$2.75$2.50$2.35
8 k to 9 k--$6.00$5.50$4.25$4.00$3.50$3.25$3.00$2.85$2.60$2.45
9 k to 10 k

each additional K$3.00$2.00$1.00$0.75$0.50$0.45$0.40$0.35$0.32$0.30$0.28$0.25

Additional Order Charges:
Over 1000 quantity:
Contact us and send logo
Colors: Prices include up to 9 embroidery colors. Depending on the quantity ordered, additional charges may apply if more colors in the design.
High Trims: For logos with more than 25 trims, add $.30 for every 10 trims above 25. Orders with quantities 12 or more, per unit. but less than 6 pieces per thread colorway, add $2.00 

Odd garments: Add $.50 minimum placement for Robes, Blankets, Bags and Light-lined Vests or Jackets.
Thick fabrics: Add $1.00 minimum placement for Jackets (Heavy-lined or Carhartt style)
Color Set up: LOGO COLOR COORDINATING: Subject to additional charges, $25.00 minimum charge
Metallic Thread: Additional charges apply, minimum $1.00 per unit.

Monogramming: Up to 2 lines - $4.95 (max. 16 characters per line.) For monogram- only orders less than 12 pieces, refer to embroidery price grid, $20.00 less than minimum charge also applies.
Damaged / Shortage: Allowance is 1.5% per placement of order quantity, rounded up to the nearest unit. Maximum liability per unit is $25.00. Candroy count considered final.

Fold and Bag: Additional $0.50 for each shirts and $1.00 for each hoodies / jackets .
Folded garments (button down shirts and such): UNPIN: $.25 each and UNBAG: $.10 each

Swatch Services: Swatch proofs are based on embroidery run charges per logo (see grid above). Allow 1 business day for swatches. 

Client Supplied EMB File: 
A- Candroy will use your embroidery files as submitted with no setup charge.
B- We are not responsible for quality of logos not digitized by Candroy.
C- A swatch is recommended for first time use on any fabric. (See swatch services for applicable prices).
D- One electronic logo image is provided FREE.
E- Logos requiring revisions will incur additional charges of $50.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $25.00.
Copyrights: Appropriate use of copyright marks and payment of licensed property royalties are the responsibility of the customer.
Turn around time:  (If CFM) Orders and goods must be received by 11:00 am PT. 
A- Standard Service: 5 to 7 business days after all approvals and receipt of all your correct goods .
B- Priority service: Same-day service (if possible) 100% additional, minimum charge $60.00. 

C- 2 Business day service: 50% additional, minimum charge $30.00.

D- 3 Business day service: 25% additional, minimum charge $15.00.
New Logo Set up: Orders must be received by 12:00 p.m. PT . One electronic logo image is provided FREE

Level 1 : $50.00 (up to 8,000 stitches, if applicable) . Free for 600 and above pieces

Level 2 : $75.00 (up to 12,000 stitches, if applicable)

Level 3 : $100.00 (up to 16,000 stitches, if applicable)

3 day : Standard Service

2 day : Add $50.00

Next Day: Add $100  

GENERAL INFORMATION: (CFM: Customer Furnished Material)

ORDERS: Orders are considered final upon receipt of:
A- Garments (if CFM)
B- Decoration: acknowledgement / approval & mock up.
C- Charges: acknowledgement / approval total charges and agreed on paid terms. 

C.F.M: Candroy cannot be held responsible for wrong styles, defective or damaged merchandise, mis-shipments or late arrivals received from your merchandise source. Suitability of garments for decoration is subject to your judgment. All claims must be made within 45 days of shipping / pick up. 

MULTIPLE SHIPPING / PICK UP SORTING:  Orders with more than 3 separate sorting are subject to additional charges, minimum $10.00 per location. We must be informed of such requests before prodcuiotn starts.

SORT INCOMING GOODS FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS:  Contact Candroy for additional charges and lead time .

DOCUMENTATION: Your blank goods supplier must list your company name and purchase order number on the shipping label and provide a packing slip. Candroy cannot be held responsible for delays to orders without this information. Additional charges may apply. Our count must be considered final. 

COMPLEX ORDER HANDLING: Orders that require special attention or contain unique handling services are subject to additional charges and lead time. Candroy will advise additional services and charges that apply. 

CUSTOM PACKAGING:  Orders requiring specialized packaging such as labels, hangtags, etc. are subject to additional charges and lead time.

BOX CHARGE:  (When shipping is requested) $5.00 per box and $10 per box if new cartons are required. 

HANDLING CHARGE: $5.00 per address. Orders with 5 or more addresses may be subject to additional fulfillment charges.

C.O.D. SHIPMENTS: C.O.D.’s from your merchandise source will not be accepted.

INVOICES: All invoices are to be paid within agreed terms.